Martha Abruzzese

Professional Makeup Artist

  • Been a board certified nurse practitioner for 6 years.
  • Been a registered nurse for 20 years.
  • Certified in both microblading and scalp micropigmentation to enhance and restore the appearance of a fuller head of hair with artistry and skill, providing the highest level of patient centered care.
  • Originally From Worcester, MA.
  • Her expertise in shaping eyebrows and restoring the illusion of fuller hair appearance, and reestablishing hairlines in both male and female clients have become well known.
  • She is very passionate about enhancing the outer beauty of her clients. She is able to emphasize with her clients about pitfalls of hair loss and the struggle of having uneven bad eyebrows and hair loss as well . She provides the best treatment option for her clients


Martha received her Bachelor of Nursing with high honors from Worcester State University. She has been a registered nurse  for 20 years in an acute care setting. She has an extensive background ranging from trauma, neurology, dermatology, orthopedic, cardiac, organ transplant and many more. In 2012, She graduated with a master’s in nursing with high honors at Grand Canyon University. She has been practicing for 6 years as a family nurse practitioner. Her passion is beauty and cosmetics as she believes she can deliver the best enhancements for her clients. She has been certified in  botox, fillers, eyebrow microblading, permanent makeup removal, lash extensions, and scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Martha has competanently certified in the following: microblading from Kirtin Ross-Seisnger, a well known permanent makeup artist in AZ, permanent makeup removal from Teryn Darling, and SMP training at the Arizona Permanent Makeup Academy, AZ. She is very passionate when it comes to enhancing the outer appearance. Her expertise in hair enhancement is geared towards both male and female clients. She takes great pride in her work and really loves what she does best-making everyone beautiful or handsome.

What does Microblading your eyebrows do?

Microblading is ideal for someone who has experienced some hair loss and wants to achieve very natural looking eyebrows.
Microblading is a “permanent” makeup technique done with a tiny, angled blade made of a row of even tinier needles. The microblading blade is dipped in color pigment, and then lightly scraped across the skin in delicate strokes, mimicking hair.
The process, which takes about three hours, is painless, as your brows are numbed before the procedure. Brows are expected to last for one to three years.

What are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic Lash extensions are our signature lash application where the attachment of 1 extension is applied to 1 natural eyelash. The result is an enhanced lash line with a natural and realistic appearance. We recommend Classic Lashes to those who want their lashes to look beautiful yet natural.

What is Microblading for the hair?

Microblading is a good addictive technique to mask the patterns of baldness in both males and females especially those who like their hair longer.
Microblading can realistically replicate hair strands on the scalp and especially the hairline area, concealing areas where hair has thinned.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation and it is very safe and easy process to reduce the the appearance of baldness depending on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale for Men and Ludwig Classification Scale for Hair Loss in women. It involves the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques to inject permanent pigment into the scalp. Depending on the amount of hair loss and desired look, Martha employs several techniques to replicate natural hair follicles and strands at the epidermal level of the scalp.

What is LI-FT Pigment Lightening Solution?

LI-FT is a based pigment, non toxic, non acidic fading solution that is very safe to remove unwanted permanent makeup. LI-FT pigment lightening solution contains the following pure sea salt, hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), lemon and orange seed extract, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, aloe, barbadensis leaf juice, and purified water.

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